How to recognize false sob stories (FSS)

Elites are sitting in their gated communities and generating false sob stories.  It’s time to stop being manipulated by the manipulators who are making money by manipulating the easily manipulated.

Information is the key to looking behind the sob stories and seek the truth.

Truth sets us free

Leaders tell the truth

Demagogues use terrorist grooming techniques to manipulate their sheeple

Judge for yourself: think for yourself:  Inform yourself

 Is this a legitimate sob story or is this carefully generated false sob story to mask the truth, that more than 70% of refugees are troubled young males………………..

True or false exercise for the day:

Migrants discuss raping and robbing

What is the real story behind the sob stories?

Wake up, sheeple.  Don’t be fools and fodder for terrorist groomers……………..

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