Low Information Enabler (LIE) Jake Tapper intimidates truthteller Dr Carson

Low Information Enablers never attack the wrongdoers

Dr. Carson tells it like it is about a valid concern

Tapper said. ‘You know what it is like for people to make false assumptions about you and you seem to be doing the same thing with Muslims.’

Instead of taking an opportunity to discuss the tenets of Sharia Law, Tapper plays the race card.  Playing the race card keeps people from thinking for themselves and taking responsibility.  

Playing the race card when there’s no question of race whatsoever is false equivalence.

Carson looked perplexed.

‘In what way am I making false assumptions about them?’ the presidential candidate asked.

Tapper answered that the candidate assumed that Muslim Americans put their religion ahead of their country.

‘I’m assuming that if you accept all the tenets of Islam that you would have a very difficult time abiding under the Constitution of the United States,’ Carson replied.

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Digital Camera

HMMMMMMM  Inform yourselves of the tenets of Sharia Law, people, and what happens to any culture that allows it in…………

Sharia Law needs the light of truth, not the double talk of enablers.

Why is an open, honest dialogue regarding the tenets of Sharia Law being squelched by the media?  Are the media too frightened to say anything?

Healthy dialogue is the sign of a healthy belief system.  Attacking those who seek dialogue is the sign of an unhealthy belief system.  The object of this blog is to encourage people to examine both sides, and  to recognize when people are being demagogued.


The uninformed are easily manipulated.  The uninformed have targets on their backs and on the backs of their children.  Inform yourself, everyone.  Don’t be a sheeple.

Sheeple need to be told what to think and what to do.  Sheeple are not allowed to think for themselves.

Sheeple are the tools and fools of terrorist groomers.  Sheeple are a necessary part of terrorism.

Dr. Carson is not a sheeple, Dr. Carson thinks for himself, and deserves an honest listen.

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