One sided, cherry picked, historical grievance – the number one time honored terrorist grooming technique

Grievances multiply with time, and the actual truth about most historical grievances is murky.

History is written imperfectly, history is by nature one sided, and often times written by those who weren’t part of the original grievance.

There are two primary terrorist grooming historical hysterical grievances in the world today.

One is ISRAEL!

The other historical grievance is RACISM/SLAVERY!

How a culture or a subculture deals with it’s grievances says a lot about their leaders

Does the culture use grievances to turn it’s most troubled youths into hate crazed thugs?

Terrorist groomers from the third world pagan path of darkness, first and foremost destroy their own culture.

Terrorism makes for very unhappy people.

There are no winners in terrorism.  Only losers.  And in today’s world, terrorism is a money making venture.


Fractured fathering causes violence. Violence causes poverty Poverty stricken people are fodder for terrorist grooming

Violence Causes Poverty

Prosperity can’t function in a culture of violence

There are many who believe that violence is a result of poverty.

But in reality, fractured fathering is the primary cause of both violence and poverty.

Terrorist grooming and fractured fathering are joined at the hip.  Troubled, immature, fractured fathering youths are fodder for hate mongering, blame shifting, and always blame others for self created problems

Gang warfare and violence in our streets is the result of the erosion of the father as a role model

Without the guidance of an exceptionalist father, young people can’t make the right decisions for themselves – and, as an extension, for their culture.

The result is a breakdown in peace, prosperity and growth as a culture.

Up to 25,000,000 young throwaway males of polygamy may be planning to flood Europe and America, a job taking disaster for Black America


35 million polygamous Muslim migrants are planning to enter the West, a catastrophe for the economy and job markets

Up to 75% of these so called migrants may be young throwaway males of polygamy

25,000,000 or more potentially violent, immature, unstable, sexually deprived, young healthy males with an agenda.

It is claimed by European officials that up to 35 million migrants could flood into Europe as part of a historic population shift, as yet another European country felt the pain.

Republicans in Congress have started signing on to a bill that would close the U.S. off to refugees for the foreseeable future, a direct opposition to President Obama’s catastrophic plan to bring in 85,000 foreign refugees next year, including 10,000 from ISIS controlled territory in Syria.

Serbia and Hungary, then Germany and now Croatia have watched what many are now calling an invasion of migrants bullying their way across sovereign borders, many of them young men carrying false identification or no identification at all.

The passive aggressive enablers of BBC, CNN and NBC continue to paint the crisis as a spontaneous event caused by people “fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan,” as the BBC reported. But those conflicts have been going on for years and the war-refugee narrative was refuted by a former Egyptian military officer in an interview with WND earlier this week.

Hungary’s foreign minister told the Hungarian Times that 30 to 35 million migrants could invade Europe from the destabilized Third World.

“It’s a self delusion to call this situation a migration crisis; it is a massive migration of nations, with inexhaustible reserves,” Szijjártó told the newspaper. “I don’t think that the analysis results, stating that 30-35 million people out there could possibly become migrants, would be an exaggeration.

“Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with huge burgeoning  populations and polygamy only for the elites.  Acquiring more than their share of young girls in forced marriage is becoming a status symbol for elites.  False quasi religious manmade narratives pop up like dandelions in the lawn and rationalize subjugating of young girls and keeping them uneducated.”


Throughout history, monogamous cultures and subcultures always outperform tribalistic cultures and subcultures


Monogamous societies are far from perfect, always have been and always will be, but the numbers don’t lie.

Monogamous cultures and subcultures always outperform tribalistic non monogamous cultures and subcultures.

History has shown us that humanity is predisposed to violating the women’s rights and treating them as chattel whenever a tribalistic polygamous society is in place.

Traumatized and abandoned mothers make for traumatized, immature, troubled children who are fodder for terrorist thug groomers, sex groomers, addiction groomers, and gang groomers.


Richard Sherman speaks truth to power: …Only Black Americans can solve the problems of Black America

Truth creates it’s own power.

Denial is not a river in Egypt



“I did not believe this when I heard about it. I watched your videos. I started a life in the gehto [sic]. I banged like a fool till I woke up. I was not suppressed by any man or woman, white or black.

I worked myself up from Compton High School to a scholarship at Standford University and I did it myself. I take pride in what I have accomplished both as a black man, and an athlete. I could have stayed in LA and banged and used drugs and thought that it was all the white mans fault [sic]. But that would be a lie. We are who we want to be, that is what is great about america [sic]. We are all born with the same chances in life..white or black…YOU choose to be a woman-abusing racist loudmouth. I would love to debate you on national tv [sic]. And if you condone senseless black shootings of whites and police officers, you better make that a debate on Springer, so I can bitchslap your ignorant ass!

You are what is keeping and making the black race look bad. Wake up fool. Do not glorify this half a man, he has worked for nothing. He chose to keep himself where he is, not the white people. It is time to take responsibility for your own actions, and not act like a stinking fool. Kids and young black men and women look at this site, and believe that they are abused. That is a bold-faced lie. It is out of the mouths of cheap thugs like you that are hurting our young and taking away the chances they have to make themselves a productive part of society. Brothers and sisters: the only slavery in america now is the one you put yourself into Rise up like Doctor King as taught us, and be a real human being [sic]. We are all in this together white and black. Peace to all and I hope this stupid fake hate stops real soon. We are all brothers and sisters. Do not be fooled by the tyranny of evil men like this lift yourself up educate yourselves and work hard for a good life [sic]. No one owes you anything stand proud as a person of color , and do something meaningful with your life [sic]. I did and I am the best at what I do! Peace out, R Sherman.”

that, I believe in that wholeheartedly. I also think there’s a way to go about things and there’s a way to do things.”

Sherman, a Stanford graduate who was born and raised in Compton, California, suggested that the black community needs to address “internal” issues like “black-on-black crime” before police are blamed. He shared a personal story from his past about a “best friend” who, Sherman says, was killed by two 35-year-old black men.

“Wasn’t no police officer involved,” Sherman said, “wasn’t anybody else involved — and I didn’t hear anybody shouting ‘black lives matter’ then.”

“If black lives matter, then they should matter all the time,” Sherman said.

A Black American Exceptionalist power dad instills discipline and power work ethic in his lucky son

 Super bowl star Richard Sherman credits his discipline and work ethic to his father and mother, both of whom were there for him his entire youth.

Better luck: Richard Sherman signed a $56million contract in the off-season last year, and came up just shy of a second Super Bowl ring

Proud pop: The Shermans have memorabilia of their son filling a room of their home, and Kevin Sherman remembers being awed by his son's performance at the NFC Championship game

Work ethic: Richard Sherman, who was a straight-A student before attending Stanford and going on to the NFL, credits his parents for instilling a strong work ethic

Work ethic: Richard Sherman, who was a straight-A student before attending Stanford and going on to the NFL, credits his parents for instilling a strong work ethic
Richard Sherman has credited his father and his mother, Beverly, who works with disabled kids in poor urban areas, for instilling a strong sense of discipline and work ethic.
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Exceptionalist Prediction:  Richard Sherman will not be one of the one in six or so of millionaire athletes who squander their millions within a few years after retirement.

Triad of exceptionalism – sorry, folks, there is no easy way but the rewards will reverberate down through future generations


the long but joyful road to happiness and non violence


1 Speak mainstream Americanese

2 Embrace exceptionalist monogamy – one faithful spouse til death do us part

3 Nurturing, caring, 24/7 fathers and husbands are the leaders of the pack – they set the tone.  They must protect all boys and girls and women and each other from sexual predation, terrorist grooming, exploitation, law breaking, substance abuse and violence.

Dr. Ben Carson is a shining example of Black American exceptionalism.


Dr. Ben Carson says it all.  He speaks mainstream Americanese with the accompanying body language, social skills, and is at ease with himself and those around him.

He practices exceptionalist monogamy.

Instead of being mired in a pity party, he takes responsibility for his self created problems and has risen above fractured fathering in his childhood.  Sounds like he has a wonderful mother.  He has three very lucky exceptionalist children as well.

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Multiculturalism started out with good intentions, and has morphed into a terrorist grooming operation

Multiculturalism pushes the view that the various cultures in a society merit equal respect and scholarly interest.

Multiculturalism became a significant force in American society in the1970s and 1980s as African-Americans, Latinos, and other ethnic groups explored their own history.

Explore your history, then it’s time to move on.

Time to assimilate and put multiculturalism into the cesspool of history

Exceptionalism is the one and only path up out of the dark ages cesspool of gang warfare, terrorist gangs, thugs, slugs and lizard brains.

It’s time to let go of the customs of failed cultures and almost always, the failed cultures embrace catastrophic forms of polygyny.