The tens and hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied young males flooding the West and desperately seeking exceptionalist monogamy (they just don’t know it yet) and this is just a drop in the bucket with millions more to come.

Can the world handle millions of troubled throwaway males? With loud whining and blame shifting and sniveling?  Grievance upon grievance?

What is behind this insanity?

POLYGAMY!  A rigid, brutal form of polygamy for the elites only, giving rise to the most unhappy cultures on the planet.

Wake up, you passive aggressive enablers.  Stooges of evil are a necessary part of evil themselves.


Unhappy throwaway young males from a rigid unstable form of polygamy that isolates throwaway males from females while they are growing up.  Gender apartheid is unhealthy at the least and is an important terrorist grooming technique.

Manmade, quasi religious false narratives rationalize the drummed up “conflicts” .  The result?  MILLIONS of the most troubled males on the face of the earth entering the west, desperately seeking sex and exceptionalist monogamy, (they just don’t know it yet) since the old elites of polygamy are busy busy acquiring all the young girls for themselves.

Boatloads of death are after Black American youths, as well as any and all troubled youths of the West.  They will bring hatred, sexual violence, destruction and misery and unhappiness wherever they invade:


First world medical advancements brought to the third world are increasing the life expectancy and decreasing the mortality rate, thus resulting in exploding populations.

The worst fathering on the planet is escalating it’s assault on every country in the world.

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