False narratives are swirling around the Spring Valley incident

 CNN’s Don Lemon is showing badly needed leadership; Don Lemon is providing a badly needed father figure.

Over 30,000 People Think CNN’s Don Lemon Should Be Fired

CNN’s Don Lemon calls for not passing judgment on the deputy before knowing all the facts of what led to the incident.

Before all the facts are out there, a petition is calling for CNN’s Don Lemon to be fired after he called for more information before condemning a South Carolina senior deputy who tossed and dragged a black female student on the ground.

The petition was born after Lemon criticized legal analyst Sunny Hostin for passing judgment on the deputy, Ben Fields, before knowing all the facts about what led to the incident.

“I’m disappointed that someone I used to look up to now is someone that I have trouble respecting as a journalist,” petition creator Jamell Henderson wrote. “Please join me in calling on CNN to remove Mr. Lemon from his role at the network.”

Henderson went on to say Lemon has failed to do his job as a journalist.  

Henderson said:  “He seems to forget the true essence of journalism: to call the news how you see it and not judge, defame or antagonize. We, the people, want a journalist and an anchor that will not be afraid to accept the facts that are occurring within the African-American community and who will encourage our people the same way that person will encourage others across the board. We, the people, have no confidence in Mr. Lemon’s ability to do that. Therefore, we are asking CNN to remove him from his position.”


……Huh?  A journalist is supposed to look at the all facts.  Where are the facts?……Howling one sided narratives streaming around the social media are NOT FACTS!

If all the facts are not out there, then this is a false narrative deliberately designed to incense and enrage troubled, immature youths to hatred and violence.

Responsibility is a two way street.  The habit of avoiding responsibility dooms the whole narrative. Howling false narratives pave the guaranteed path to escalating violence.

Violence is not the way to solve the catastrophic problems of inner city youths.

Exceptionalist fathers needed, leaders needed, not demagogues.

note……The 16 year old girl had just entered foster care having lost her mother.  No mention of her father or the history of her childhood……..


Polygamy only for the wealthy is a disaster

Naive, shallow, low information article ignoring the fact that in all of the most troubled failed state areas of the world, the most troubled subcultures, all enable polygamy to be practiced only by the wealthy!

Polygamy only for the wealthy guarantees catastrophic social problems.

Polygamy only for the wealthy guarantees destabilizing chaos and fractured fathering and spiraling violence of the need to get rid of throwaway young males.  Not to speak of subjugated, bought and sold young girls

Read more about “sharing a husband GOOD for women? Polygamous households ‘are wealthier”…..

    • Study looked at polygynous and monogamous households in Tanzania
    • Those with multiple wives found to own more cattle and farm more land (DUH, ONLY THE WEALTHY ARE ALLOWED POLYGAMY)
    • Polygyny often found in areas of poor child health …..”(DUH, POLYGAMY ROTS THE GENE POOL)


The level of poverty in Tanzania is very high.  Tanzania has made little progress towards reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition.   The 2010 Global Hunger Index ranks the situation as “alarming”. Children in rural areas suffer substantially higher rates of malnutrition and chronic hunger, although urban-rural disparities have narrowed as regards both stunting and underweight.

Businesses are leaving USA because they are being SUED out of existence

Are troubled youths being incensed to fight the police?  Creating chaos and dysfunction in the entire inner city culture?  Whatever is going on is beyond dangerous and destructive.


Businesses are leaving USA because they are being SUED out of existence

Small businesses are going bankrupt because they are being SUED out of existence by the entrenched grievance industry

Jobs are leaving USA because employers are continually being sued

City governments are being sued into bankruptcy

Illegals are bankrupting communities

Hospitals are being sued

Grievance is an industry where a view are getting rich by destroying the economy and the job market.  The grievance industry uses classic terrorist grooming techniques to keep people in a state of enragement

The big question:  Is violence and dysfunction and unhappiness being encouraged by the elites who line their pockets as we speak?  Is the revolving door of grievance and revenge being endlessly demagogued by those who sit in safety, counting their money?

Political leaders needed, not demagogues who keep troubled people in a permanent state of enraged grievance, grievance brings misery to many, money to a few.

Religious leaders needed, not quasi religious demagogues who keep troubled people in a permanent state of enraged grievance; Grievance that keeps troubled youths in a state of enraged violence, and brings misery to many, money to a few elites.

The media plays the grievance industry like a fiddle.  The media loves grievance, and makes huge bucks from stirring up grievance.

There are no happy, peaceful, high functioning polygamous societies in the world! Marriage is not a rutting war

There’s more to marriage than the rut, folks.  #1 is the children.

Has the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry paved the way for all kinds of non-traditional relationships to be legally recognized?

In the most successful cultures in the world, marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

“What makes the number two unique or necessary? Why not marry yourself, as some women have recently done? Why not throuples? There are several examples of this in the last few years. Why not three women and two men? We see this already in polygamous relationships. Why not?”

There are no happy, peaceful, high functioning polygamous societies in the world!
If  the standard becomes that marriage can be defined in whichever way a people or culture desire, then monogamous marriage is redefinable, period.

The culture will then destabilize, becoming more violent and more dysfunctional.

Children will not be exceptionalist fathered!

Creating the conditions for these types of new marriage configurations will smash the standard of one-man-one-woman marriage.


Read more:

Beautiful safe zone in Syria


The West builds a gorgeous safe zone in Syria.  It is full of shops, eating places, beautiful living spaces.

The most beautiful area in the world.

In move all the migrants.

5,000,000 at first.   (80% or 90% fractured fathering young males) =

4,000,000 young males

1,000,000 or less women

The elites of polygamy start taking 2, 3, or 4 of the available women as wives of polygamy

Leaving 3,000,000 raging, seething, young throwaway males without women.

Guess what the result will be in no time at all?

Millions of young throwaway males will be brainwashed into strapping bombs on and merrily go off to suicideandmurderforsex.

Black ops helicopter dads to the rescue

Where’s the fathers?

Black ops helicopter dads needed


Weekend of shooting count in Chicago:

5 killed, 19 wounded in Chicago since Friday 4p.m.

Whatever else is contributing to this misery, one thing is guaranteed:  Every single vacant eyed, unhappy shooter has fractured fathering or no fathering and no positive father figures and been subjected to violence in their formative years.  Every single vacant eyed, unhappy shooter is on an inner quest for the nurturing father he never had.

The gap between exceptionalists and the inner city is widening and will not start closing until fathers wake up and take responsibility and stop blaming others for self created problems.  All acts of destructiveness are ultimately self destructive, and only serve to enrich the agitators.

Fathering is the problem.

Positive, nurturing, loving, exceptionalist fathers are the solution.

Read more…..5 people have been killed and at least 19 others wounded in shootings across Chicago this weekend.



Monogamous fathers provide the best chance for happiness and prosperity


Married fathers and mothers raising children have the best chance for happiness and prosperity

Strong monogamous families have a direct impact on the entire society

report released by the American Enterprise Institute’s Institute for Family Studies showed that strong families have a direct impact on the economy in the states where they live and work and that married parents raising children are better predictors of economic mobility, child poverty and median family income than other demographics such as race or education.

“Higher levels of marriage, and especially higher levels of married-parent families, are strongly associated with more economic growth, more economic mobility, less child poverty and higher median family income at the state level in the United States,” the report stated.

Fathers are the problem

Fathers are the solution


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