Polygamy only for the wealthy is a disaster

Naive, shallow, low information article ignoring the fact that in all of the most troubled failed state areas of the world, the most troubled subcultures, all enable polygamy to be practiced only by the wealthy!

Polygamy only for the wealthy guarantees catastrophic social problems.

Polygamy only for the wealthy guarantees destabilizing chaos and fractured fathering and spiraling violence of the need to get rid of throwaway young males.  Not to speak of subjugated, bought and sold young girls

Read more about “sharing a husband GOOD for women? Polygamous households ‘are wealthier”…..

    • Study looked at polygynous and monogamous households in Tanzania
    • Those with multiple wives found to own more cattle and farm more land (DUH, ONLY THE WEALTHY ARE ALLOWED POLYGAMY)
    • Polygyny often found in areas of poor child health …..”(DUH, POLYGAMY ROTS THE GENE POOL)


The level of poverty in Tanzania is very high.  Tanzania has made little progress towards reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition.   The 2010 Global Hunger Index ranks the situation as “alarming”. Children in rural areas suffer substantially higher rates of malnutrition and chronic hunger, although urban-rural disparities have narrowed as regards both stunting and underweight.

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