Black ops helicopter dads to the rescue

Where’s the fathers?

Black ops helicopter dads needed


Weekend of shooting count in Chicago:

5 killed, 19 wounded in Chicago since Friday 4p.m.

Whatever else is contributing to this misery, one thing is guaranteed:  Every single vacant eyed, unhappy shooter has fractured fathering or no fathering and no positive father figures and been subjected to violence in their formative years.  Every single vacant eyed, unhappy shooter is on an inner quest for the nurturing father he never had.

The gap between exceptionalists and the inner city is widening and will not start closing until fathers wake up and take responsibility and stop blaming others for self created problems.  All acts of destructiveness are ultimately self destructive, and only serve to enrich the agitators.

Fathering is the problem.

Positive, nurturing, loving, exceptionalist fathers are the solution.

Read more…..5 people have been killed and at least 19 others wounded in shootings across Chicago this weekend.

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