Black American Exceptionalist Dr. Ben Carson shows fearless leadership


Ben Carson compares terrorists posing as refugees to ‘rabid dogs’

‘For instance, you know if there is a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you’re probably not going to assume something good about that dog, and you’re probably gonna put your children out of the way,’

‘Doesn’t mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination,’

‘Carson has been among the broad body of politicians, mostly Republicans, who have feared in light of the ISIS attacks in Paris, that Islamic State fighters could infiltrate the refugee stream that was supposed to come into the United States’……..

DUH!  (Check out the whining, enabling, excuse making, blame shifting, undertones of the manipulative media doubletalk)

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson used 'dogs' as a way to explain his current stance on Syrian refugees - you don't hate all dogs, but you want to keep the rabid dog away from your kids 

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson used ‘dogs’ as a way to explain his current stance on Syrian refugees – you don’t hate all dogs, but you want to keep the rabid dog away from your kids

 Carson, like many of the GOP peers, is calling for enhanced screening of refugees coming from the Middle East.

‘By the same token, we have to have in place screening mechanisms that allow us to determine who the mad dogs are, quite frankly,’ he continued. ‘Who are the people who wanna come in here and hurt us and destroy us?’

‘Until we know how to do that, just like it would be foolish to put your child out in the neighborhood knowing that that was going on, it’s foolish for us to accept people if we cannot have the appropriate type of screening,’ Carson added……..

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Paris murderer is a very unhappy, hate crazed, sex crazed, induced sociopath (IS), NOT a “mastermind”


Paris murderer is a very unhappy sociopath, NOT a “mastermind”

Paris murderer is being called a “mastermind” by the low information enablers (LIE) in the clueless media: while in reality the Paris murderer is a very unhappy induced sociopath (IS) or possibly a hard wired psychopath.

Why are the passive aggressive enablers of the vacant eyed media calling the hate crazed sociopath of the Paris massacre a “mastermind”?

Glorifying him with manipulative words?

The adherents of the hate crazed belief system behind this will view the media as weak.

Do the media elites have a clue as to how they are influencing troubled youths of the world?  The shallow low information media elites (SLIME) may very well be paving the hate crazed, bloodsoaked road to future massacres.  There is more at stake here than ratings.

Glorifying this psychopath to troubled youths who are fodder for hate crazed terrorist groomers?

SLIME UPDATE:  The sociopathic young woman murderer is being called a “cowgirl” by the media elites.

An involved dad who rescued Burt Reynolds from self destruction, and set him on the path to success


Burt Reynolds reveals the drastic way his dad dealt with bad behavior

Burt Reynold’s police chief dad jailed Burt for 3 days in response to self destructive behavior

More proof that fathers are critical in the critical years of development

Where would Burt be today without a nurturing father in his critical years?


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Gun violence in American cities is due to fractured fathering: banning guns would escalate violence


Philadelphia’s mayor on Monday called gun violence in American cities “domestic terrorism” that is no different from international terrorism.

Mayor Michael Nutter said in a phone interview after a meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington that citizens want to feel safe, no matter where they live.

“Domestic terrorism is international terrorism,” Nutter said. “There is really no level of distinction between the violence that goes on, on the streets of America on a daily basis and the episodic acts of international terrorism that also take place — primarily in cities.”

Mayors from Washington, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Gary, Indiana, also attended the previously-scheduled meeting. All acknowledged the tragedy in Paris that killed 129 people and injured 350 others.

Nutter noted that the first responders in any city — whether in America or abroad — are local law enforcement and emergency workers. And he defined domestic terrorists as “criminals that threaten the health, safety and welfare” of Americans.

“Citizens around the world feel unsafe because of international terrorists … those same feelings exist for many in (American) communities,” Nutter said.

“These criminals are terrorizing our citizens and that same level of fear of violence, the death of citizens, the destruction of property, are the same………In many cities across the United States of America on a weekend, you very well could have six, eight, 10 people shot.”

He called for a stronger relationship between federal and local officials to address American violence with the same sense of urgency and priority given to global terrorism.

Philadelphia has had more than 240 homicides this year. Baltimore hit the 300-mark for the first time since 1999.

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China, the superpower of the future, (after the USA is turned into a third world terrorist hellhole, by whining, terrorist enabling crybullies), will take on the Induced Sociopaths



China vows to tackle Islamic State induced sociopaths (IS) after Paris massacre

CHINA could join forces with Russia to wipe out the evil Islamic State Induced Sociopaths (ISIS) terror group for good.

Xi Jinping called Francois Hollande yesterday

Xi Jinping will show leadership.

Bombing a few teenage sociopaths will only accelerate world terrorism.

The belief system has to take responsibility.  What is going on behind the scenes to turn teenagers and vulnerable youths into the kind of sociopaths who would murder people in wheelchairs?

Why no mention of Sharia law?  Sharia law appears to be manmade, and behind the sociopathy.   Sharia law appears to change daily, with pompous edicts from elites who sit behind the scenes counting their money.  The only ones who can stop terrorism are every single Muslim in the world.

Xi Jinping – president of the future one and only world superpower – has vowed to step up China’s fight against the evil jihadists after the Paris massacre.He made the promise during a phone call with French leader Francois Hollande yesterday, according to reports in China.  ISIS brutally murdered at least 129 people in Paris on Friday night – with several Chinese nationals feared dead.
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Re: Paris terror – Clueless brainless non leadership can’t figure why “refugees” are mostly young male throwaways of a rigid brutal form of polygamy


The entire muslim world is/are the only ones who can stop the worldwide terrorism chaos

The worldwide terrorism chaos is accelerating due to skyrocketing life expectancy

Duh!   Killing a few 15 year old throwaways will NOT SOLVE THE CORE PROBLEMS of islamic terrorism

Millions upon millions of the throwaways of polygamy are being brainwashed to justify them being expelled from their home cultures……….millions more are on the way…..

Debate tonight of excuse makers and blame shifters? Or leaders?


All terrorism, both domestic and international, is about money and power, but first and foremost, caused by fractured fathering.  The fathers and father figures and leaders are responsible.

The fractured fathering and unnurtured throwaway males of all forms of tribalistic polygamy underlie all terrorism……..

Only the fathers, father figures and leaders of the world of terrorism can stop terrorism.

Only the fathers, father figures and leaders of inner city America can stop the carnage.

Leaders take responsibility

Demagogues make excuses and blame shift for personal and political gain.

Excuse makers and blame shifters are vital in the spread of terrorism, both domestic and international

Many levels of induced sociopatholgy (IS) tonight in Paris with a few hardwired psychopaths pulling the strings


The brain addled stupes and dupes are not the problem.

As the behind the scenes  sociopaths and psychopaths sit in safety counting their money, those who are deliberately turning troubled youths into sociopathic thugs must be held accountable.

Hiding behind false manmade religious narratives

The truth is not “hate speech”

Sociopathic personality disorder signs and symptoms

  • Disregard for right and wrong

  • Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others

  • Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure

  • Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism

  • Recurring difficulties with the law

  • Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation

  • Child abuse or neglect

  • Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence

  • Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others

  • Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors

  • Poor or abusive relationships

  • Irresponsible work behavior

  • Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior