Kentucky’s Mall St. Matthews shuts down after brawls involving up to 2,000


Kentucky’s Mall St. Matthews shuts down after brawls involving up to 2,000


Who is behind this self destructive mayhem?  What does this accomplish?  First and foremost, this is self destructive and causes nothing good or positive for anyone.

This smacks of behind the scenes manipulators.  Easily manipulated, troubled youths running amok.

These youths are not happy.  They are miserable, just like the miserable international terrorists.

Where were the fathers?  Fathers are the problem here.

Fathers are the only solution.

Immaturity and self destructive behavior at it’s worst


Bad idea with tragic consequences for children hiding behind cutsey manipulative elitist doubletalk

sheepwolfPolyamorists, who (so far) define themselves by “love” rather than marriage, have been arguing the merits of their lifestyle and their rights for some years now, and the movement will hold its fifth international conference at the University of California, Berkeley, in February.

According to a chatty mailout from Saturnia Regna to “polylegal” groups, the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy (official name) will focus on academic presentations but there will also be workshops and sideshows catering for interests ranging from jealousy management and STDs, through folklore, to BDSM.

What is completely missing is the destructiveness of uninvolved fractured fathering on most if not all of the children

The science will, no doubt, include studies on how well children are doing in households with more than two “parents”, where jealousy is always an issue, threatening the stability of the household and the security of the children. Perhaps it will also tell us the rates of STDs and complications among polyamorists, and rates of change in household composition.

Meanwhile, watch out for media stories about happy polyamorist “families” and a history of marriage which makes “consensual nonmonogamy” look almost superior to the one man, one woman and their own children model which is the legacy of our Judaeo-Christian tradition.

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Government As Parent Has Destroyed the Black Family and made Black Fatherhood Irrelevant


“The paradigm of government as parent has destroyed the black family and made black fatherhood irrelevant,”“Our welfare policies have incentivized co-habitation, single motherhood, and unemployment,” he said.

Blye, who is also the national vice president of STAND, said the destruction dates back to 1964 when President Lyndon Johnson ushered in what he called the “War on Poverty” designed to build a “Great Society.”

“Fifty years ago President Johnson gave us the notion of the Great Society,” Blye said. “Fifty years later we see there can be no great society without great morality.”

“Fifty years later we see there can be no Great Society when government involvement incentivizes family disintegration, making it more profitable to cohabit than to be married,” Blye said. “We see fifty years later that there can be no Great Society when government involvement incentivizes joblessness making it impossible to make a judgment to take a low-skilled job when you ‘re making more money on the government dole………

“With God’s help we can transform the lives of individuals and families in our inner cities,” Blye said………”

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Fathers and father figures and stepfathers and leaders are the problem

Fathers and father figures and stepfathers and leaders are the solution.

Children of the future could have 32 parents: DNA disaster for future generations.

Scientific advances will soon allow children to have any number of parents, legal experts warn.

The arrival of ‘multiplex parenting’ is a ‘mere matter of time’ as the techniques have been shown to work on mice, according to a study.

In theory, any number of parents from three upwards – of either sex – could contribute DNA to create a baby.

The science behind IVG relies on cells that can be made to develop into sperm or egg cells, known collectively as gametes. It means a woman could produce a sperm cell, or a man could produce an egg cell.

With four parents, sperm and eggs made from stem cells would be taken from each pair of adults. From the resulting two embryos, further cells would be taken to create further sperm and egg cells for a third embryo. This final pairing would have a quarter of DNA from each parent.

IVG would also allow infertile couples and same-sex couples ‘to reproduce in a manner similar to fertile straight couples’. On ‘solo’ babies, the professor said: ‘We might worry that only egoism and selfishness would motivate a single person to reproduce with just his or her gametes’.

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The prisons of the world are full of violent, immature males who almost always have suffered sexual abuse of various kinds.

The prisons of the world are full of violent, immature males who almost always have suffered sexual abuse of various kinds.  All children must be protected from sexual abuse or society will suffer the consequences.


Is armpit hair – the road to ISIS? Turning little boys into sado sexual rapists?  One of the keys of sado sexual terrorism?

Armpit hair – anal rape – throughout the world of terrorism………..

Good grief.  Time to take responsibility.

Time to grow up.

Time to protect all the children of the world from sexual exploitation

Fractured fathering of polygamy is the problem here

Exceptionalist fathers are the solution

“…….Allah in the Quran, the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) decides the fate of others in the same ways their prophet Muhammad once did. Children are told to raise their arms as they are checked for one thing that will determine whether they live or die.

After Muhammad pillaged through villages and killed the adults, he kept the children as assets — the girls for sex slaves, and the boys for recruits. In deciding whether they would die or become his pawns for his bidding, Muhammad would tell the children to raise their arms. If they had grown hair, they were killed.

Now, in 2015, history is repeating itself. Reports from rescued children report the horror they experienced. First watching ISIS roll over their town, and then the mass killing of all the adult males. This is a report from a boy in hiding in Germany, who was rescued from the Islamic State [via Jihad Watch]:

A Yazidi slave who was forced to become an ISIS child soldier has told how his life was spared because he didn’t have any armpit hair.

Ahmed Aslef was just ten years old when jihadi gunmen stormed the Iraqi village of Kocho, lined them up and massacred around 800 men, women and children last year.

He said the youngsters were told to raise their arms and those without underarm hair were judged too young to be murdered.

Those who did were ruled to be older than ten and shot on the spot, he added.

They were instead recruited into the terror group’s notorious youth wing, known as the Cubs of the Caliphate, to be groomed into sadistic killers.

His two young sisters also survived, but only to be sold as sex slaves along with other members of his family in the cities of Mosul and Raqqa….The “Cubs of the Caliphate” are indoctrinated to become murder machines. Children witnessing such horror and trauma are the best candidates for brainwashing. Staying alive and bonding with your captors happens quickly with a traumatized child. These boys become hardcore Islamic State terrorists, ingrained with the ideology that murdered or enslaved their families…”

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Throughout history, sexually abused little boys have grown up to be troubled, violent, immature adults.

The prisons of the world are full of this tragedy.  Time to grow up.

There are no happy or successful polygamous or polygynous cultures on earth. Scratch the surface and they are all miserable and nasty

Digital Camera

All forms of polygyny and/or polygamy lead to broken fathering.

Broken fathering is the problem.

Nurturing fathering is the solution.

Wake up, fathers, stepfathers, and father figures and leaders.

All international terrorism is due to the  need of the old bulls to rid themselves of excess unwanted young throwaway low status males so the old bulls have more young girls.

All international terrorism is due to the unnurtured young throwaways of polygamy expelled from their communities at a critical period of the long road to maturity.



Little black African girls have bombs strapped on them and set off remotely by elites who sit in safety?




Young women and girls have been increasingly used as suicide bombers in northeast Nigeria, northern Cameroon, Chad and Niger, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

The children used in this way were in many cases not aware of what they were about to do.

“Many of them don’t know that they will be blown up with remote devices,” Many of the little girls are as young as 11 or 12.

The bombs are often set off remotely by elites who sit in safety counting their money.

Time to grow up and take responsibility and quit turning troubled youths into immature, violent, sociopathic thugs


There are no women in the middle east for these vacant eyed, excess throwaway males of polygamy


Why isn’t the middle east taking any refugees?  Because their rigid form of polygamy only for the elites leaves NO WOMEN for low status throwaways?

There are no women for these vacant eyed, troubled, enraged males.


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Thanks to the advances and innate compassion of Western Civilization, life expectancy is skyrocketing.

A hundred years ago, most of these third world throwaways would be dead by the age of 25.

Now, thanks to the greatest civilization the world has ever seen, these zombie eyed throwaways are multiplying all over the third world of various forms of polygyny.

Polygamy causes terrorism.  Polygamy causes poverty, not the other way around.

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This is a problem that is burgeoning.