Selling out citizens while hiding behind phony political double talking BS

Destroying our job market with a trickle down effect


……One of the largest and most influential trade unions in the country is calling out Democrats for boosting guest worker programs and open borders policies.

North America’s Building Trades Unions—an umbrella organization representing three million workers and 15 major unions, including the Laborers and Teamsters—sent outgoing Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D., Md.) a letter Thursday accusing her of selling out workers by importing foreigners to work for “Close to Slavery” wages. Mikulski pushed for increasing the number of temporary H2B visas that allow companies to bring guest workers to the United States to fill seasonal jobs.

……….. “Flooding a loose labor market such as the construction industry with additional low-skill labor hurts the wages and reduces the job prospects of both recent immigrants and native-born workers who are struggling the most. To be blunt, Senator, your actions will induce a race to the bottom on wages and benefits for U.S. workers.”….


Stricter gun laws won’t protect Black youth; stricter, nurturing fathers are the one and only solution


Obama’s Tears on Push for Stricter Gun Laws Isn’t Protecting Black Youth from Violence

U.S. President Barack Obama is seen in tears while delivering a statement on steps the administration is taking to reduce gun violence in the East Room of the White House in Washington January 5, 2016. Vice President Joe Biden is at right. REUTERS/Carlos Barria







On Tuesday, President Obama announced a new series of executive orders to stem the tide of gun violence.  The actions taken by the White House are designed to strengthen background checks for the sale of firearms.

Gun violence goes far beyond gun proliferation and gun violence.

4F fathering is at the core of the problem

Complaining about the past will lead nowhere

There are no easy answers, taking responsibility must start

Nurturing, exceptionalist fathering is the SOLUTION

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Nothing will change until inner city fathers grow up and take charge of their youths and nurture rather than exploit

Nothing will change until fathers take responsibility


The new goals of the department were clear, easy-to-understand and distributed to department employees on business cards. Focused on home ownership, reducing homelessness, ridding drugs from public housing and jobs and economic development in the inner cities, the mission of the department quickly became ingrained in the organization’s culture. Contrast that with the present approach where addressing climate change and an ill-defined goal of “strengthening rural, tribal, suburban, and urban communities” pit HUD bureaucrats against an alphabet soup of other departments and agencies vying to advance politically-correct philosophy.

Unlike the Washington-centric approach today, Kemp routinely visited public housing projects in ghettos across America, promoting tenant ownership and enabling residents to seize control of property from notoriously corrupt local public housing authorities. Following the Los Angeles riots in 1992, sparked by a police confrontation with Rodney King, President Bush and Secretary Kemp visited the city, challenging conventional wisdom on urban renewal policies. President Obama and current Secretary Julian Castro, on the other hand, stayed away from Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, choosing instead to announce grants…”

Lakeisha had terrible or no fathering, her child had terrible fathering or no fathering

“…Years before police said she intentionally drove onto a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, killing one person and injuring 37 others, Lakeisha Holloway was publicly honored for turning her life around.

……..Just three years ago, Holloway spoke of how her life was taking a turn for the better.

“Boy, have I come a long ways,” Holloway said in a 2012 video by the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, which helps at-risk youth with education and career training.

“I was a scared little girl who knew that there was more to life outside of crime, drug addiction, lower income, alcoholism, being undereducated — all of which I grew up being familiar with.”

Lakeisha N. Holloway

What would cause a woman who showed so much promise to do something so savage, as police claim?

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What kind of fathering did Lakeisha have?  What kind of fathering or no fathering did her child have?

Youths with fathering like Lakeisha are fodder for terrorist grooming and/or gang grooming

Assuredly, exceptionalist fathering would have stopped this from happening.

Fathers are the main problem

Fathers are the solution.

Inciting vulnerables to throw rocks and bricks at the police while sitting in safety with a nice paycheck

sheeplllllllA city councilman incites other people’s children to violence and hatred and lawbreaking. While sitting in safety with a nice paycheck.

“Let’s get rocks; let’s get bricks, and let’s get bottles,”Stokes told CNN affiliate WJTV. “And we’ll start throwing them, and then they won’t come in here anymore.”

“When you have these police officers coming from other jurisdictions and they will not respect human life, then I said we should use rocks, bricks or bottles to try to get the message over: stop endangering our children,” Stokes told Jackson’s The Clarion-Ledger newspaper.

If he wants to stop endangering  children, teach them to obey ALL laws and never to run from the police.

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Low level drug abuse is a high level problem


Shifting blame onto the police will only accelerate the problem

Low level drug abuse is a YUGE problem and is contributing to the out of control violence in the inner cities

The road to the big house is paved with drug abuse of all levels, and the only ones who can stop this are the FATHER FIGURES


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