Term limits

The case is growing stronger every day

Presidential term limits have saved America from Oligarchs and Monarchs and other totalitarian thugs who seize power and then self glorify



Senate term limits

Legislative term limits

Judicial term limits especially our supreme court

Education term limits

Bureaucratic term limits

Military term limits

All top govt jobs are subjected to 2 term limits, after which those in power will go back to lower level jobs

Goodby jobs, goodby economy: Lawsuits like this are why corporations along with millions of excellent jobs are fleeing the land of litigation and millionaire lawyers


Johnson & Johnson  was ordered by a Missouri state jury to pay $72 million of damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of the company’s talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades.

In a verdict announced late Monday night, jurors in the circuit court of St. Louis awarded the family of Jacqueline Fox $10 million of actual damages and $62 million of punitive damages, according to the family’s lawyers and court records.

The verdict is the first by a U.S. jury to award damages over the claims, the lawyers said.

Johnson & Johnson faces claims that it, in an effort to boost sales, failed for decades to warn consumers that its talc-based products could cause cancer. About 1,000 cases have been filed in Missouri state court, and another 200 in New Jersey.

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Almost guaranteed that most if not all of these young street thugs have not had strong, nurturing father/father figures in their formative years

“….Heavily-armed Louisiana police captain flanked by officers taunts local gang in video challenge

Louisiana police captain Clay Higgins threatens Gremlins gang in video call-out

A Louisiana police captain sent out a blunt message Wednesday for members of a local street gang. ‘You will be hunted. You will be tracked. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior power,’ said Captain Clay Higgins in a video message, as he stood flanked by officers from more than a dozen Louisiana law enforcement agencies, pictured left and top and left right. Higgins said a gang known as the Gremlins, pictured inset, had been terrorizing the local community around St. Landry Parish, where the captain is based. ‘Everyone of these animals is most definitely armed and dangerous,’ Higgins said of the gang…….”

read more of totally unnecessary tragedy………..time for fathers and father figures to wake up and take charge of their young males


Hate mongering and blame shifting at the Grammies (classic terrorist grooming techniques)


♪ I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015 ♪ I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015 ♪ once I finish this witnesses will convey just what I mean ♪ been feeling this way since I was 16 came to my senses ♪ you never liked us anyway, your — friendship I meant it ♪ I’m African-American I’m African ♪ I’m black as the moon ♪ heritage of a small village, pardon my residence, came from the bottom of mankind ♪ my hair is nappy you know that it’s big my nose is round and wide ♪ you hate me don’t you?

You hate my people ♪ your plan is to terminate my culture ♪ you know you’re evil I want you to recognize that I’m a proud monkey ♪ you vandalize my perception but can’t take style from me ♪ and this is more than confession ♪ I mean I might press the button so you know my discretion ♪ I’m guardin’ my feelings I know that you feel it ♪ you sabotage my community makin’ a killin’ ♪ you made me a killer emancipation of a real… As we procees to give you what you need, everybody get stuck.

Why are prisons are full of minorities?

Because of the second worse fathering on the planet

Because of abandoned women

Because of abandoned children

Fathers are the problem, fathers are the ONLY solution

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Hate mongering and blame shifting, classic terrorist grooming techniques are the time honored way that troubled youths are easily manipulated

Dangerous CTE damage to the frontal lobes by repeatably cracking the forehead to the ground 5 times a day


Dangerous CTE damage to the frontal lobes by cracking the forehead to the ground 5 times a day

Note the creepy vacant eyed stare.

Dangerous CTE damage to the frontal lobes by cracking the forehead to the ground 5 times a day

The symptoms of CTE include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, anxiety,suicidality, parkinsonism, and, eventually, progressive dementia. These symptoms often begin years or even decades after the last brain trauma.