Wake up, Black America, you are being used by elites who are turning troubled vulnerables into terrorists the world over


The brilliant, articulate sheriff nails it

Sheriff Clarke is not crippled and isolated and kept down by the false narratives behind  EBONICS.

Sheriff Clarke speaks mainstream Americanese and it shows by his ease and confidence and inner strength.

Sheriff Clarke is a LEADER

BLM is using classic blame shifting demagoguery to lead vulnerables into isolation and chaos and misery and unhappiness.  Race baiting is the stuff of demagogues who are only interested in themselves.

BLM is using classic terrorist grooming techniques on troubled vulnerables, the #1 technique being hate mongering via blame shifting


Time to learn mainstream English as a second language

Wake up, Black America, the police are not your problem, the second worst fathering on the planet is your core problem


Dallas is just the beginning

Your children are being turned into hate crazed murderers by terrorist groomers.  Wake up, Black America

The police are not your problem, the second worst fathering on the planet is your core problem.

The police are on a long list of cleverly crafted grievance mongering and red herrings and faugh lone wolfs

Classic terrorist grooming techniques are turning unstable vulnerables into hate crazed murderers while the elites sit in safety

Dallas is just the beginning of terrorism hiding behind carefully orchestrated innocence, carefully isolated to look like a “lone wolf”

You are doing the dirty work of those who would walk on your face and then spit on it

Only Black America can stop this.  No one or nothing on the planet can do it for you.