The road to high functioning children is not an easy road

The road to high functioning children is not an easy road but the rewards are wonderful!

The parents of a 14-year-old girl killed in last week’s school shooting think better family values – not gun control – could have saved their daughter’s life, they said in a new interview.

They believe admitted shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, is responsible for the loss of their daughter Alaina, but they also think he wasn’t given the love and support he needed after his adoptive parents died.

While many blame the shooting on weak gun control, and others such as President Trump suggest arming teachers is the solution, the Pettys think help for families is the way to stop the mass shootings epidemic.’Strong families are vital to a peaceful, functioning society,’ Ryan said.

‘When families break down, that’s where the problems begin. We need legislators and policymakers to pass legislation and create policies that strengthen families.’

‘We wish and believe, that if somebody had been able to put their arms around him and show him some compassion and love to the extent that would have enabled him to get some help, things may have been very different last week.’

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