Extremely troubling double talk by the disconnected and sexually immature: women deserve to make their OWN adult choices not have laws forced on them

……..An article at the liberal news site Vox cried racism in its attacks on pro-life Mississippi lawmakers’ efforts to save unborn babies and mothers from abortion – a disproportionately high number of whom are black.

The law, signed Monday by Gov. Phil Bryant, creates the earliest ban on abortion in the U.S. by pushing back Mississippi’s current limit from 20 weeks to 15. Just a day later, a judge blocked the law.

In an interview with Vox, Laurie Bertram Roberts of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund likened the law to slavery and racism, saying it was “passed on the backs of black women.”

According to the report: “Roberts and other advocates say the earlier cutoff will increase the financial burdens of abortion access, making it that much harder for low-income women — many of whom are women of color lacking comprehensive heath insurance — to access the procedure.”…………….”


Women of all color deserve the right to make their own adult choices without interference from the government.  Thus in most cases giving all women the right to decide for themselves. Plenty of problems, but hopefully resulting in better parenting, less violent children, and freedom from instability.  

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