Gang Shootings At Funerals in Chicago


Wake up, Black fathers.  Take charge.  Your future lies in your hands.  You are the only solution.


Gang Shootings At Funerals Are Getting So Bad Chicago Might Launch A Special Task Force

A Illinois county might create a special task force to protect cemeteries as gangs have taken to opening fire on each other during funerals.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart proposed creating a special task force Thursday to combat rival gangs trying to shoot each other during funeral services…

During a talk with various political leaders, religious members and funeral directors, Dart called for a task force made up of the three groups that would try to fix the problem.e funeral directors, the violence that’s going on and all the things that’s happening. Guns and knives,” Funeral director John McCall said.

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Fathers and father figures and father leaders desperately needed

From drug tolerance to ‘narco state’: Migrant gangs & hands-off policing threaten Dutch liberalism —

Fathers and father figures and father leaders desperately needed

All are rooted in failed 4F fathering.

All these problems can be ultimately traced back to failed fathering

Most of the migrant gangs and gang members can be traced back to the failed fathering and throwaway males of any and all forms of polygamy and polygyny

The ancient fight to the death for sex is so over



From drug tolerance to ‘narco state’: Migrant gangs & hands-off policing threaten Dutch liberalism — RT World News

The road to high functioning children is not an easy road

The road to high functioning children is not an easy road but the rewards are wonderful!

The parents of a 14-year-old girl killed in last week’s school shooting think better family values – not gun control – could have saved their daughter’s life, they said in a new interview.

They believe admitted shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, is responsible for the loss of their daughter Alaina, but they also think he wasn’t given the love and support he needed after his adoptive parents died.

While many blame the shooting on weak gun control, and others such as President Trump suggest arming teachers is the solution, the Pettys think help for families is the way to stop the mass shootings epidemic.’Strong families are vital to a peaceful, functioning society,’ Ryan said.

‘When families break down, that’s where the problems begin. We need legislators and policymakers to pass legislation and create policies that strengthen families.’

‘We wish and believe, that if somebody had been able to put their arms around him and show him some compassion and love to the extent that would have enabled him to get some help, things may have been very different last week.’

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42 Million Babies Born to Unmarried Mothers Over Last 30 Years

The percentage of babies born to unmarried mothers dipped below 40 percent for the first time in 9 years in 2016.


However, there were 1,569,796 babies born to unmarried mothers of all colors in America

That made 2016 the 29th straight year (1988-2016) that more than a million babies were born in the United States to unmarried mothers.

Over the past 30 years on record (1987-2016), according to CDC data, there have been 120,777,366 babies born in the United States and 42,015,749 of those babies—or 34.78 percent—were born to unmarried mothers

6 killed, 22 wounded in Chicago last weekend

The Chicago Tribune reported that 6 people were killed and 22 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago over the weekend………

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in America.


Time for fathers, father figures and father leaders to take responsibility and stop blaming others……

Leaders take charge, leaders do not sit around and blame unenforceable laws……..

Leaders do the right thing when no one is looking…

Did monogamy end slavery?



Although the details are murky and lost in time, the ancient tribes of Israel practiced monogamy for centuries BCE.

What is fairly certain is that the lost tribes of Israel (who disappeared from the history books) practiced polygamy, thus miring themselves in sexual violence, the endless expelling of low status young males, rotting of the gene pool, sloth, and the increasing need for rigid control over the young girls.

Christianity is credited with spreading monogamy across the Western world, with it, diligence, personal responsibility, self discipline, life long commitment to children, and attention to something besides sex.

Something besides sex?  OMG!

The evidence is murky, but the case can be made that  as monogamy spread across the world,  slavery disappeared in 100 to 400 years.

Indeed, the entire polygamous world was engaged in various forms of slavery, and some of the polygamous world is still engaged in slavery in the 21st Century!

Did monogamy help end slavery? Along with the peasants and commoners of inherited elites?  There are mountains of evidence that support this.