Nuclear families excel wherever they go

Nuclear families produce powerful results

…….Again mirroring a national trend, Wisconsin theater companies also produced numerous plays involving a retreat from mayhem into the seemingly safer world of the nuclear family.  But here as well our stages reflected an underlying, widespread anxiety that families can’t thrive without surrounding communities………..


Not the police or teachers. The 2nd worst fathering on the planet

Not the police or teachers.

The 2nd worst fathering on the planet.

Time to take responsibility and stop blaming others for this immature catastrophe.

…….4 people have been killed and at least eight other people, including boys ages 11 and 16, have been wounded in Chicago shootings since midmorning Wednesday, according to police.

The shootings also include four people who were shot, 3 fatally, within 10 minutes late Wednesday…………


Police are not the problem.

The scourge of tribalistic polygamy is the problem.


Minority males need power monogamy exceptionalist fathering from birth to 25 years to get them past the critical years of violence

If 95% of all violence is committed by minority males between 15 and 25, it’s time to stop blame shifting and face up to the real problem.

(Blame shifting is a time honored tool of all demagogues)

Demagogues stir troubled minorities to vacant eyed violence, while the demagogues sit behind the scenes in safety.

The police are not the problem, catastrophic broken fathering of tribalistic polygamy is the problem.

Power monogamy exceptionalist fathers needed.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: a male minority between the ages of 15 and 25.

The direct result of catastrophic fathering and role models up the ladder of leadership.

Violence creates poverty, not the other way around.

Businesses will flee violent areas.

No economy can flourish in lawless areas

Blaming the police for self created problems is classic terrorist grooming technique

Wake up, Black America, you are being used by elites who are turning troubled vulnerables into terrorists the world over

The brilliant, articulate sheriff nails it

Sheriff Clarke is not crippled and isolated and kept down by the false narratives behind  EBONICS.

Sheriff Clarke speaks mainstream Americanese and it shows by his ease and confidence and inner strength.

Sheriff Clarke is a LEADER

BLM is using classic blame shifting demagoguery to lead vulnerables into isolation and chaos and misery and unhappiness.  Race baiting is the stuff of demagogues who are only interested in themselves.

BLM is using classic terrorist grooming techniques on troubled vulnerables, the #1 technique being hate mongering via blame shifting


Time to learn mainstream English as a second language